Osteopathy has been an established method of healthcare for well over a hundred years, assessing, treating and preventing a wide range of health problems. In Osteopathy, a combination of mobilization of joints, muscles, fasciae and organs, balancing the autonomic nervous system and hormone levels as well as the cranio-sacral rhythm, take place. Through this and individual lifestyle advice, an Osteopath can help restore normal body function, improve the functionality of individual parts of the body, relieve pain and promote overall well-being.

What conditions can an Osteopath help to treat?

1. Impairment of the joints such as impingement syndrome, knee problems, arthritis, sciatica issues, carpal tunnel syndrome and pregnancy related back pain.

2. Internal disorders such as irritable bowel, heartburn, circulation problems, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, as well as digestive or gynecological conditions

3. General ailments such as fatigue, sleep disorders and burn out

Osteopathy treatment

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