We are a boutique Pilates and Osteopathy Studio in the western part of Berlin, offering group and duo classes, as well as private sessions. Our acclaimed instructors and studio programs are dedicated to optimizing your health and fitness. In our Pilates Studio we utilize all of the standard Pilates equipment, including: Reformer, Cadillac (Trapeze Table), Chair, Ladder Barrel as well as small props such as foam roller, arc and the magic cirle. All of our classes are supervised by one of our highly qualified Polestar Pilates instructors, who will guide you through a workout integrating core control, correct posture and breath. This practice will improve ones body alignment and expand the understanding of the body as well as prevent or remove injuries. Pilates is accessible for all age and ability levels. The exercises are safe, sensible and attuned to your very personal needs and goals.

Training with Pilates Apparatus

Our studio uses only genuine Balanced Body™ equipment, built to the specifications recommended by Joseph Pilates himself. Working with the equipment provides weight bearing resistance which builds muscle/bone strength and increases the overall endurance and flexibility of the body’s muscular groups.

Training on the Mat

Working on the mat enables you to isolate and control your muscles. Props such as the foam roller, arc and magic circle the range and diversity of exercises. For student of every level mat classes are a great way to supplement equipment classes or other forms of exercise.

Both forms of Pilates practice can be practiced in the following setups

Personal Training

In personal training, we create an optimal training program that is exactly tailored to your needs. These private Pilates classes can be arranged with the trainer of your choice in our studio. Arrange a trial session and we will develop a perfect training plan for you and your health.

Duo Class

In duo classes you train with a friend or partner. These classes focus on your personal goals for strengthening and alignment. As trainers we make sure that each person receives full attention to their unique needs. Most important: training together is fun and increases to your motivation.

Group Classes

Whether on the mat or with equipment, regular group training keeps you healthy and fit. Group classes are small, with plenty of hands on corrections. The mix of individuals, their unique needs and focus adds an important social aspect to our group classes, which add in motivation for a regular exercise to wok on ones health and fitness.