Our acclaimed trainers and instructors are highly qualified and licensed professionals from various fields of medicine, health and movement work: from osteopathy, physiotherapy, alternative medicine, psychology, yoga, dance to traditional Pilates. With these important basics and the individual history of each person, as well as backgrounds and personality, each one of our trainers has his/her very own individual training style. Whether you are looking for therapeutic or athletic motivation, we will make sure to find the right partner within our team for you.


Owner, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Pilates

Kirsi Sabri

Kirsi Sabri, born in Lübeck and living in Berlin since 2002, worked for many years as a physiotherapist and gained experience in many different institutions, working with clients and patients. In 2015 she opened her own studio in Berlin-Charlottenburg, where she works as an osteopath and certified POLESTAR Pilates mastertrainer.

Kirsi Sabri believes that balance and positivity in her pilates and osteopathy practice offer both mental and physical benefits.

  • qualified osteopath
  • Lecturer at the Osteopathic School Germany (OSD)
  • licensed POLESTAR Pilates mastertrainer and instructor
  • certified PMA Pilates trainer
  • Myofascial Release Therapist according to John F. Barnes
  • qualified physiotherapist 

Physiotherapy and Pilates

Josefa Wollek

Josefa Wollek grew up in the Swabian Alb. As a teenager, she developed an enthusiasm for yoga, which inspired her to train as a certified yoga teacher after graduating from high school. This path gave her the opportunity to get to know the human body better and led to the decision to deepen her knowledge of it by training as a physiotherapist and completing a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. After her state examination in 2022, Josefa Wollek gained valuable experience in various physiotherapy fields, including orthopaedics, traumatology, neurology and physiotherapy work with the ballet dancers of the Berlin State Ballet.

For Josefa Wollek, physiotherapy is an art in which the therapy process is individually tailored to the patient’s needs and is constantly evaluated and adapted based on the goals set and the latest scientific findings. The aim is to support healing processes through sound physiotherapeutic skills and to strengthen the patient’s healthy relationship with their own body.

  • State examination in physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
  • Certified yoga teacher

Stella Schermer

Stella Schermer, born in Vienna, completed her state examination in physio-therapy in Berlin and then gained extensive experience in various physiotherapy practices with different focuses. Through further training, for example in manual lymphatic drainage, and the study of Osthepathy at the OSD in Berlin, Stella Schermer is able to use her knowledge from a wide range of treatment methods to suit the individual to the needs and wishes of a patient.

For Stella Schermer, the key to health lies in movement. Therefore training, osteopathy and physiotherapy are the building blocks of a holistic method, of which she is deeply convinced.

  • certified Physiotherapist
  • BAO certified Osteopath, currently completing her Bachelor of Science 
  • alternative practitioner / Naturopath
  • in training to become a POLESTAR Pilates trainer
  • manual lymph drainage therapist
  • certified nutritionist

Jackie Britton

Already as a child, Jackie Britton was drawn to working with the body, such as athletics, gymnastics and above all, dance. She discovered the benefits of the Pilates method and its rehabilitative aspect through an injury during her career as a dancer. She appreciates the unique connections and challenges with her clients.

Jackie Britton focuses on the connection between the mind and the body and promoting that awareness. In 2017 she moved to Berlin and is looking forward to the challenges of the new city.

  • licensed POLESTAR Pilates studio mastertrainer
  • dancer at the Western Australian Academy of performing arts
  • studies at New Zealand School of Dance
  • contemporary
  • study of psychology

Maria Portela

Maria was born in Figueira da Foz, a small beach town in the center of Portugal. She has discovered a passion and source of inspiration in several forms of movement, including dance, yoga, acrobatics and boxing. Her desire to understand the art of graceful motion and establish a deeper connection with the body has led her to the practice of Pilates.

She believes that to move consciously allows us to connect with the world within and around us more intentionally. Her vocation as a designer and artist has led her to seek patterns, harmony and efficiency, which she found in the realm of movement.

Maria is looking forward to exploring this powerful movement ethos with you. Together you can work towards improving and correcting posture, learning isolation, control and coordination.

  • in training to become a certified BASI Pilates® Comprehensive global trainer
  • designer and artist

Alina Diachenko

Alina grew up in a Belgorod. Loving swimming and dancing from an early age, she tried almost all existing dance styles (from ballet to hip hop) and was passionate about performing. Since her teenage years, she learned that the lack of professionalism in teaching, and the misunderstanding of body movement during dance; can lead to long lasting injuries.
Suddenly, at 25, she became an amateur runner, following her husband’s footsteps. Ten years of running brought her joy, true friends, one marathon experience and many other great competitions and impressive accomplishments. Eventually, Alina’s body needed something different.
After the birth of her second child, Alina tried a method named ‘smart fitness’, which is based on the Pilates method, as she needed to regain her strength and joy for life. Since beginning this training regime, Alina found herself a more pleasant routine that lead her to search for more awareness and a new lifestyle. Her mother inspired her to give the Polestar Pilates teacher training a try and since the beginning of 2022 she started her journey as a Pilates teacher.

  • certified Polestar Pilates Mat Teacher
  • language capabilities: Russian and English
  • Master of Philology (English and German)
  • lover of Challenges

Janan Laubscher

Janan is a dance artist and teacher. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada where her formal training took place at the Las Vegas Academy of the Performing Arts.

Since moving to Berlin in 2019 she has had the opportunity to perform in many venues throughout Europe and continue her fitness education.

Janan began her Pilates journey after suffering multiple injuries throughout her dance career, and found it was a vital part of her recovery. She’s passionate about helping others and is currently getting her Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Certification. Janan brings a somatic approach to her Pilates classes, blending deep conditioning with what she’s learned from different movement practices.

  • certified Pilates mat teacher
  • dancer at the Las Vegas Academy of performing arts
  • dance teacher
  • in training to become a certified BASI® Pilates Comprehensive global teacher
Office Managment

Besides training, treatments and the therapeutic measures, there are other activities to be fulfilled and we are grateful for Annette Winistörfer support, organisational talent and humour.

Annette Winistörfer

Born in the Rhineland, and originally coming from the hospitality industry, Annette Winistörfer has been part of the team at KIRSI SABRI BERLIN since 2020. After various year living abroad in multiple countries, she and her swiss family have now moved to Berlin.

At KIRSI SABRI BERLIN, she particularly enjoys the contact with people and the diverese elements of her work. She appreciates this variety and the contact to patients and pilates class participants.

Annette Winistörfer is happy to be able to help so many people with their health and is always there for your questions or suggestions.

Cooperations Osteopathy

Jelena Zweers

Jelena Zweers, who grew up near Frankfurt am Main, moved to Berlin to study osteopathy at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD), where she completed the four-year Bachelor’s programme in 2020 and also decided to take the fifth specialisation year as part of the Master’s programme. Within the framework of the OSD’s teaching practice and additional self-employment, she gained important practical experience.
Her interest in movement, body experience, such as in dance or yoga, enables her to show resources for her patients.
Many years of voluntary work with people with physical and mental disabilities help her today to engage and support a variety of people and concerns.

For Jelena Zweers, the joy of movement and the body are important basic elements of her osteopathic practice.

  • Bachelor’s degree in osteopathy
  • Still in the Master’s degree programme in Osteopathy
  • Naturopath
  • Many years of experience with people with physical and mental disabilities